45° Elbows Fittings

45° Elbows Fittings

The function of a elbow is to change direction or flow in a piping system. By default, there are 5 opportunities, the 45° elbows, all three in the “long radius” version, and in addition the elbows both in the “short radius” version.

The radius of a 45° elbow is the same as the radius of the 90° LR (1.1/2D). However, the center to face dimension is not equivalent to the radius as in 90° LR elbows. This is measured from each face to the point of intersection of the center lines perpendicular to each other, distances B on the image. This is due to the smaller degree of bend. Short radius 45° elbows are not available.

 Elbows are split into two groups which define the distance over which they change direction; the center line of one end to the opposite face. This is known as the “center to face” distance and is equivalent to the radius through which the elbow is bent.

Female Branch Tees-CFBT

Female Run Tees-CFRT

Union Tees-CUT

Reducer Union Tees-CRUT

Reducer Union Elbows-CRUE

45° Male Elbows-C 45ME

Male Run Tees- CMRT