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Straight Fittings

Technology uses pressured gas to drive some sort of mechanical motion. The most common gas used in pneumatic technology is dry air. The air must be dry as moisture has different compressive qualities.

45° Elbow Fittings

Elbow 45° PVC-U, with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance and suitable for use in the chemical processing, microelectronics.  eliminates build up of scale and gives good flow characteristics.​

Cross Fittings

The cross fittings from SMC are quick and easy to install into your fittings. These  cross fittings are also more compact in design which means that they can be used within a confined space. 


 A component is a module that does not require energy to operate, except for the available alternating current  circuit that it is connected to. A module is not capable of power gain..


  • A wide variety of end connections and patterns.
  • Availability of Hydraulic swaging tools (EZY-MAT).
  • Ensuring maximum reliability, safety, and high performance
  • Defect fewer products guaranteed.
  • Quality Tube Fittings at friendly price and Best Delivery schedule.


Our commitment is towards developing products which set new standards. Along with that, we see to it that our customers review is not only satisfactory but excellent. Also, we look forward to generating skillful and professional employees. Moreover, we also aim to produce outputs using advanced technology and providing super sales and expert facility.

We’re building the world’s most complete inventory of pipe, fittings and flanges. We aim to deliver an unprecedented selection of piping products with the best service and supply chain in the world. To reach our goals, we are building the world’s premiere team of piping product experts and providing the opportunity and environment for our team to succeed both personally and professionally

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Tube fittings are either male or female fittings. In threaded tube fittings, female threads are present inside while the male threads are outside. Tube fittings consist of one female end and one male end and such kinds are street fittings.

Tube fittings are akin to tubes in two ways:

  • Threading method: you can screw threaded pipes together to join or connect. Usually, metal pipes go through threading as they have thread fittings.
  • Slip fit method: sleeves which slip into one another are applicable in slip fit method. The plastic pipes slip casually.
  • Measurement of the thread size depends on the inner tube. There are Standard thread size standards such as NPT (National Pipe Thread) and BSP (British Standard Pipe). There may be different standards for other countries. A particular number of threads per inch (TPI) is resembling each standard. Om Tubes gives you an exceptional review on tube thread sizing.

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